School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Message from the Interim Chair

Welcome! Our Department has been at the forefront of education, research and clinical care in Michigan for nearly three decades. Our expertise and services are recognized every year by our peers, and this year, we were recognized as the top ranked Neurology program in Michigan by the U.S. News & World Report 2013-14 Hospital Rankings and 21st in the country. Our Department has the most neurologists voted as “Best Doctors” in any single Neurology Department in Michigan. We take these ratings with humility and pride and strive for higher goals in the year ahead.

Consistently, rated among the top Neurology programs in the country, our mission is to engage in cutting edge research, mentor the future of neurosciences by guiding our medical students, training the next generation of neurologists, and most importantly serve our community. These core missions are embedded in our vision to grow Neurology in a climate of exciting breakthroughs, health care reform, and opportunities that are unique to our field heading into the next decade. Our most valuable asset is our faculty, residents, fellows, and students. We continue to recruit clinicians and scientists with a strong emphasis on those who share a vision of excellence in academic medicine.

We take great pride in our residency program and mentoring the next generation of neurologists. Over the years, our Department has trained over 250 neurology residents and more than 200 fellows. The vast majority of our trainees have becomes important pillars of neurologic care and treatment in their respective communities. Several of residents have also become successful members of academic Neurology including some of our own faculty. We also emphasize in bridging the gap between academic and community neurology practice. We believe that our success is measured by the success of our trainees, whether in academic or community practice. We are also very proud of our 100% Board-Certification passing percentage every year by our neurology residents.

Our medical students rotate through an exciting third year elective to get exposure in both inpatient and outpatient neurology. The acute pathology they see in our state of the art Neurocritical Care and Endovascular Stroke Programs is matched by a superb experience in the Neuroimaging Laboratory, Neuroimmunologic, Movement Disorders and Epilepsy Clinics, as a few examples of why we provide one of the highest pool of residents in the National Residency Matching Program every year. Very frequently, our medical students return to Neurology for a fourth year elective to enrich their experience and exposure in clinical neurology before embarking upon a rewarding career in Neurology.

Despite the challenges in academic medicine, we believe that opportunities in Neurology are boundless. Our Department had led national efforts in conducting ground-breaking research and translational studies evolving into new treatments for our patients. Our research emphasis focuses on translational medicine, sets us apart bringing prestige to the department, university, our hospital partners, and the community we serve. We are at the center of local and multicenter health outcome and disparity studies, conducting new translational studies using novel therapeutic approaches, and integrating basic and clinical research programs. Some of the research programs currently underway include novel imaging biomarkers in neurodegenerative diseases, developing novel tools to quantify tissue injury in the brain following stroke, blood-brain-barrier pathology and pericyte biology, and develop immunologic and genetic signatures in neurologic diseases, as a few examples.

Academic medicine remains one of the most exciting and rewarding careers providing tremendous opportunities for making a difference in our patients’ lives. We remain fully committed to our core missions and to providing compassionate, comprehensive, timely and high quality care to our patients.

Aashit Shah, M.D.                                                                      
Interim Chairman