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Dr. Ramesh Madhavan
Associate Professor of Neurology; Director, Telemedicine, Comprehensive Stroke Program, Associate Chief Medical Officer, WSUPG
313-745-1540; 313 745-4275 (clinic)

Ramesh Madhavan, M.D., DM has served as Associate Professor and Director of Telemedicine since 2006. In 2009 he became the Neurology Residency Program Director. He has been given the additional responsibility of being the Associate Chief Medical Officer, Informatics, WSUPG since May 2010. He was a member of the Department of Neurology in Mubarak Al Kabir Hospital, Kuwait University, Kuwait and Sree Ramachandra Medical University, Chennai, India previously before he moved to the USA. Dr Madhavan�s research and clinical interests are in Stroke, Telemedicine and development of newer technologies in the field of Medicine.

is leading the effort for the incorporation of Telemedicine for acute stroke treatment. Wayne State University/ Detroit Medical Center System wide stroke initiative got underway in June 2007. The new paradigms in stroke care include Tele-Stroke and the use of uniform stroke order sets. In Tele- Stroke, the patient is examined by one of the eight stroke team attending physician with the help of the robot and the onsite ED physician. Images and results are seen remotely by the Stroke Neurologist and treatment decisions made. Over the past 3 years, the project has been found to be effective and improved stroke care in the participating hospitals.

Madras University, India
Madras Medical College, Madras, MBBS, 1984

Kasturba Medical College, Madras, M.D. (Internal Medicine), 1988-1990


Dermatology: Madras Medical College, Madras, India

Internal Medicine: Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India

Neurology: Madras Medical College, India

Neurology: Wayne State University, Neurology, 2003-2005


Wayne State University, Neurology � Stroke, 2001-2002
Prior Appointments

Assistant Professor, Neurology, SRMC Deemed University, India, 1994-1997
Staff Neurologist, Kuwait University Mubarak al Kabir Hospital, 1997-2001


Vascular neurology


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Awards & Honors
  • 2010- 2011 listed in Best Doctors in America and Best Doctors in Michigan
  • 2010 selected Ambassador of the American Academy of Neurology-Evidence based training program in India
  • 2011 received the College Teaching Award in the School of Medicine
  • Continues to serve as Director, Telemedicine, Michigan Stroke Network in 2012