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Wayne State University School of Medicine


The Hiller ALS Center takes a progressive and forward-looking approach to both patient care and research towards a cure for ALS.  Our world-class physician-scientists work closely with clinical and scientific teams to develop innovative treatments and resources for patients with ALS. Our goal is to increase the speed of new treatments by bridging the gap between the bench top and the bedside, while providing outstanding and
compassionate clinical care.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a disease affecting the central nervous system causing a progressive degeneration of the nerve cells that control voluntary muscle movement.  Also Known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, it was brought into the public eye after the baseball player, whose career was ended by the disorder, ultimately died from the disease in 1941.  ALS causes muscle weakness and wasting throughout the body. Motor neurons degenerate and die resulting in a body that is unable to follow the brain’s instructions. Eventually the brain, itself, can no longer control any voluntary movement, including respiration. Sadly, no cure yet exists for this debilitating disease.